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1 More Than 15 Years of Experience

Improve your comfort with quality window tints. When you are looking to add some character to your vehicle, let Specialized Auto Tint provide you with quality window tinting in irvine. With over 15 years of experience, you can be sure our team will have your window tints installed quickly and correctly.

2 Computerized Film Cutting System

computerized film cutting system

Computerized Film Cutting System-digitally generates and cuts window tint patterns to your vehicle's exact specifications, ensuring the best tint service every time.

Unlike other vehicle window tint services,we do not cut window tint on your vehicle, which may risk damage to the glass and rubber seals. Specialized Auto Tint computers pre-cut every vehicle window tint to the exact make and model of your vehicle to provide the very best tint accuracy and vehicle security for our customers.

3 Shaved Top Window Edge

Filed edges is a process where the film is positioned just over the edge of the window and then filed so that no actual gap is there to be seen. Our Shaved Top Window Edge produce your auto window much more of a factory look and is far more clean in appearance.


Prepare with
Heat Shrinking Method

The wet heat shrinking method is a technique used to install window tint with better control over the film and achieve a seamless, bubble-free finish, which can lead to imperfections and a subpar outcome, wet shrinking involves applying a solution to both the window and the tint film.

This added moisture allows for easy manipulation of the film during installation, ensuring a precise fit and minimizing the risk of creases or air bubbles.

5 Quality Assurance

Our window tinting comes with 3M lifetime warranty on the product itself, as well as a lifetime warranty on all labor.

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